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DSM Griffin

Read my books because you want to lose yourself in a new world for a while – whether it’s an undead barman helping a young woman escape a corrupted underworld, a bookseller turned smuggler trying to survive in a city where books are banned, a young cultist who has decided to kill his god king, or a cryo-prisoner waking up on a ghost-ship in the middle of an AI war – I promise you’ll discover unforgettable characters, worlds, and stories.

Read my books if, like me, you love: Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Brandon Sanderson, LucasArts Point-and-Click adventure games, D&D, classic RPGs like Final Fantasy, and all-things Dystopian, Cyberpunk, Steampunk and Noir.

I also write books on marketing as it’s my day job – I’ve worked for charities, small businesses, and global companies like Amazon. I specialise in helping companies to understand what their customers want, where to find them, and how to talk to them in a genuine and helpful way – sounds fancy but boils down to combining empathy, writing, and technology.

In my spare time I obviously read a lot in my genres, but now find myself reading children’s books more and more as my daughter demands more bedtime stories.

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